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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Many of our physical and mental problems owe their origin to our flouting of the rules of nature. Nature is very magnanimous. We, through sunshine in winter, cool breeze in summer, rain in droughts and food and air throughout, are blessed with nature’s boundless benevolence. Nature does not tolerate contempt and is ruthless in enforcing its laws.

If you try to plant a sapling out of season, nature, in spite of your best effort, will not allow it to bloom. If, with the advanced science and technology, man takes an upper hand and makes the plant grow and bear fruit, the fruit will certainly be lacking in natural taste.

If you, in sheer violation of the rule of the nature, venture to go out for a stroll in your undergarments on a chilly winter night, you do brave and defy the nature. But nature would take no time in punishing you for your arrogance . It will punish you with a high temperature, pain in the lungs and an attack of cold and cough. Similarly, if you venture to bask under the scorching sun on a hot summer day clad in woolens, you can guess the result.

The more a person lives in a natural way, the more healthy he remains. Each violation of the law of nature results in some kind of physical trouble. The present-day man is suffering from many ailments. Go to any hospital, you will find a mad rush of patients there. A large number of doctors is running clinics in small towns and cities. Do you know the reason ?

The reason is that modern society, in sheer violation of rules of nature, is striving to develop a new type of urban culture. Nature designed summer for the human bodies to sweat and (through it) throw out extra salts and undesired bacillus and germs. We discovered air-conditioners to avoid sweating. Nature devised winter for human bodies to digest more fats. We discovered central heating to combat the winter. Physicians started advising people against the use of milk, butter and ghee for fear of increased cholesterol. Similarly, refrigeration means hat people do not eat green vegetables. Many a vital vitamin is lost in refrigeration but people are not bothered. They look for comforts alone In order to avoid everyday cooking; vegetables are cooked in large quantity and stored in refrigerator. Why exert oneself everyday, take food out of the refrigerator, heat it and consume it.

This is again an invitation to the wrath of nature. No advancement in science and technology can ever succeed in beating nature. Nature creates a small abscess in your body, which extends its influence to other parts. Any part of the body, coming under its grip, becomes inactive. Medical science has identified it as cancer but has miserably failed to cure it. The science has not been able even to discover the cause of its occurrence.

Let us take the example of a virus. Some bacterium enters human body and the victim is down with fever. Medical science has, to the day, failed in finding out the root cause of the virus, what to talk of curing it. No treatment for curing the virus is available. The doctors keep on bringing the temperature down through drugs and that is all. The virus goes after it has taken its time.

In other words, it goes when the wrath of nature is over. You get rid of the disease when you have undergone the punishment prescribed by the nature. Every disease gets cured, when the patient has completed his ordeal of punishment.

Similar is the situation with regard to human mind. Whenever in our thinking, observation or understanding, we become abnormal we are surely at a loss. Suppose, someone slaps you in the face and you are not enraged or a funny joke is cut on you and you are not amused, will you say that you were normal? Certainly not. Each aspect of your behaviour betrays abnormality. It is from this point that problems start originating. Any departure from normality, from naturalness, makes you develop some kind of problem or the other. Pick up your mental problems one by one and analyse them. You would find some sort of abnormality. At the back of each problem. Why did you allow yourself to be abnormal? Why didn’t you keep yourself natural? Let bygones be bygones. Take a firm decision that you would not let this occur again. Resolve to behave normal under all circumstances. And then see what kind of peace of mind descends upon you and how quickly your mental problems fade away.

Be normal. Resolve to stay normal. Have a will to avoid any kind of aberration. In this way, behaving with naturalness and normality will become your second habit. Behave as is required from a spontaneous man. Laugh heartily if there is a reason to laugh with or laugh at someone. Be angry, if there is a reason for losing your temper. Be kind if there is an urge within . Always keep in view your present age.

At each descending dusk, take a critical look at your day’s activities. You will find that wherever you did something abnormal, you invited some trouble for your mind. If you, through a strong will, practice normality, many of your useless mental problems would exit automatically.

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